Did you know that there is a town built for me? I’ll tell you, it’s Weggis! The whole day from start to finish was perfect. We started our drive early in the morning so we would have maximum time in Weggis. We crossed the Swiss border and entered the amazing engineering feat of the Gotthard tunnel. It is 16km from end to end!

We stopped for a rest at Swissminiatur where they have many Swiss buildings and landmarks in miniature models.
Video of our time in Swissminiatur

This stop is the only one where we have a hotel room because there were no B&B’s available. Once we were settled in the room we went for a walk along the side of the lake. Weggis is a lakeside town in Switzerland; Ryan chose and planned this leg of our trip. On our walk we found a cool little playground. In it we went on a neat spinny ride where there is a table in the middle and it makes you spin really fast!

We went to dinner at a restaurant in front of our hotel. We sat right on the water and watched the boats sail by. After dinner we got into our swimming trunks and swam in the pool, that too is on the water so we saw the sunset from the hot tub.

The next day we went to Mount Pilatus via ferry. We got off at the bottom of the mountain and took a cogwheel train up. A cogwheel train is like a very steep tram, there are gears in a third track that goes in notches so it does not slide down. It is the steepest cogwheel in the world and it is on the very edge of the mountain!

When we got to the top there were some different hikes you can do, we did the most scenic one and it was very beautiful (pictures below). We took a lift down and stopped half way to go down a 1km luge. It was very fast and exiting.

Once we had dinner we got into our swimsuits and for the second time went swimming. Weggis has been the most fun I have had on this trip, it is beautiful with lots to see and do. This is a place I definitely want to visit again!

3 thoughts on “Weggis

  1. Thank you again, the information is great, the photos and video wonderful. I’d love to visit Switzerland too, so now I know where to go…..Weggis!
    Is the big Toberlerone Uncle David’s Christmas gift? LOL I can just imagine you and Ryan getting on the plane with it!
    Love to you all! Sending big hugs. xoxoxo

  2. LOVE your latest blog Brandon. The movie and the shots and the writing are all superb! It is so nice to follow you around Europe! Sending lots of love, Grandma

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