The last day we were in Weggis we went to a Transport museum just outside of Lucerne. We were planning on spending only a few hours there but we soon realized that there was way too much to see so in the end we spent the whole day there. There are a few main buildings separated into categories: trains, cars, planes, etc.

My favourite was a workstation where you try to build your own train track using blocks and pieces of paper. Another cool thing was a giant pinball machine where nine people could play at the same time, it looked really cool! When we played it as a family we were able to reach the highest score of the day.

This interesting museum has lots of different activities for all ages of children and people. One of my favourite games was when you load cargo onto ships it was really fun, Mommy got the highest score.

Weggis has been really fun, I most enjoyed the pool and the restaurant in front of our hotel as well as Mount Pilatus. We left Weggis and arrived in Annecy, France. On the way we stopped off at a cheese factory and a chocolate factory. We went to the cheese factory first where before the tour we had some cheese fondue, it was really delicious!

The chocolate factory is only a few minutes away and when we got there we only had to wait a bit until the tour started. On the tour it took us through the history of chocolate from when it was just a drink until a few Swiss men found out how to make it into solid milk chocolate. We also got to see how the chocolate was made and then we got to taste some.

We arrived in Annecy and went exploring. We found a restaurant with great salads so we are definitely going back to that restaurant! Another good find was a stand that rented these cool trikes so Ryan rented one and it went pretty fast, maybe it was because the trike was shaped like a horse! We also walked along the water and the lake was emerald green. I am looking forward to paddle boating on the lake today, it reminds me of the lake in Banff!

1 thought on “Annecy

  1. Thank you again Brandon! I can almost taste the chocolate…mm mm.
    Loved the trike that Ryan was on.
    Keep having fun and keep the blogs coming.
    Sending hugs and kisses.

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