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Segways in Turin

We have arrived in Italy. Surprisingly there were no check points as we drove in, just a sign that said “Welcome to Italy “! It was incredibly hot, the car’s thermometer read 40C. We were going to stop at a beach on the way but it was too hot.

The B&B we were heading to was in Turin which is quite a bit larger than the towns we usually stay in. We went exploring to see all this city had to offer. A highlight of the first day would have been the double-decker Hop on Hop off bus tour. Another one would be the dinner, it was Mommy and Daddy’s anniversary so we went to a fancy restaurant. We had four different pastas and I tried all of them, they were all delicious!

The most memorable activity was the Segway tour of Turin. The hardest part was learning how to drive the Segway, but after that we flew along quite quickly. Ryan could come along too! We saw a lot of Turin and it was great fun riding around.

The next day we left Turin and headed for Milan. My favourite part about Turin was the bus tour, but walking around was fun too. On the way to Milan, we stopped off at an amazing water park! It was huge with at least 20 different slides. We are having a lot of fun in Italy; the Segways were my favourite part thus far. See you next time!

Driving in France

We have been on the road for one month now so I wanted to write a blog about things I have seen while driving. The first thing anyone would notice when driving on French highways is the massive amounts of car parts swept under the barriers. There are things like broken glass, car bumpers, headlights and scrap metal all stuffed under the barriers. Thankfully it was just in Paris and not everywhere.

When you use the highway you will definitely use a toll booth. We go through one approximately every hour we drive, and each time you will be charged at least 2€. They are very nice roads in impeccable condition, so it is worth it.

While we drive we see plenty of impressive scenery; things like groves of olive trees, rows of grape vines and fields of wheat. It is amazing how much farmland the French have; when we were at one of the B&B’s, it was all we could see in all directions.

Before we left we had put a number of interesting audio books onto Mommy’s iPad so in the car we listened to them. The main issue with the audio books is that Daddy gets very sleepy so we have to stop every hour to nap! The problem, in part, was because Daddy’s allergy medicine was not non-drowsy.

Cars have the right of way in the city so they will whizz through intersections, it was crazy. The license plates are all different colours because they are from different regions of France and Europe. There are different speed limit depending on the weather. When it is dry the limit is 130 km/h but when wet it is 110 km/h, it is very clever. Before each village there are signs beautifully decorated with designs of attractions that city is known for.

Perhaps the most convenient thing I saw were these small orange boxes, we found out that they are emergency telephones, very considerate. The phones are spaced 1.5 km apart and there is a maximum response time of 30 minutes! It has been a fascinating driving experience and I’m sure I will see more differences! See you soon…