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Biking in Saint Remy

My family and I have had a fantastic time in Alet-Les-Bains, a small and picturesque town. Our next stop is Saint Remy de Provence and on the way we stopped by some Roman ruins in Arles. The shame is that the townspeople took apart a lot of the Roman buildings so that they could use the stones to build their own houses! Luckily there are a few buildings remaining that were not torn down. One of which was a colosseum and another was an amphitheatre!

When we got to our house in Saint Remy, the caretaker was there and he gave us a dinner of lasagna and a special cake – like angel food cake, two layers with thick whip cream and crystalized sugar on top.

The caretaker then came and we drove with him to some Roman aqueducts! It was amazing because there is so much history connected with the aqueducts. A fact that interested me was that the aqueducts carry two water channels, one to the city and a second flowed into a massive lake that turned multiple water wheels that ground flour!

Every Wednesday there is a market in the village so we took a trolly (I pulled it) and we walked through it. We bought many things like: a table cloth, placemats and Mommy bought some clothes. I also bought a watch, it is black and silver and it was only 5€! It was a lot of fun to pull the trolley through the market and it carried quite a bit of stuff.

On Thursday we went to another market in a small city close by but it was not as big or diverse. On Friday morning we rented bikes and biked all around the nearby cities and countryside. It was beautiful and now that Ryan and Daddy have the right medication, allergies did not get in the way!

On our bike ride we got really hot so we stopped by an ice cream place that was recommended and it was delicious! There were actual bits of mint leaf in the ice cream to give you an idea of how good it was! We are having fun in Saint Remy, it is quite a bit warmer here so we can do more outside activities! See you in my next blog!

Carcassonne and the Wind Farm

After a great week in Sarlat with Grandma, it was time to go to our next stop, Alet-les-bains (30 mins south of Carcassonne). We dropped Grandma off at the train station, and drove four hours to a small bed and breakfast.

We arrived and found a large trampoline in their backyard so we spent the afternoon playing on it or relaxing in the garden. As you know Ryan and I love trampolining and bouncing around and making up games. We went on the trampoline at least 5 times a day!

The following day we explored the area. We went to a massive market in the morning that was made up of mostly food vendors, but there was also a few other products too. One of the more fascinating ones was a booth that sold all kinds of musical instruments. After we finished the market we drove about 20 minutes to a small village to eat lunch and explore.

Unfortunately when we went a lot of the places were closed because it was Monday but it was still fun to walk around. For dinner we ate at the B&B, we had chicken in mushroom sauce, with pavlova and strawberries for dessert! Needless to say that Daddy loved it!

We drove into Carcassonne to attend a walking tour of the old walled city. It was first established by the Visigoths in the fifth century, then was conquered by the Roman’s who fortified it and made it a busy place for merchants and soldiers. It was restored in 1853 into great condition before being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We then went to a wind farm on a ridge just above Alet-Les-Bains. Now, what made it so special is the fact that we went right under the wind turbines and we could hear the swoosh of the blades and the whir of the machinery inside each wind turbine! There were at least 8 that we could see. It was very interesting but very scary!

Again we had dinner at the B&B because it was so good the first night. We ate duck in a blackberry sauce and a chocolate cake for dessert!

This has definitely been the best place so far. Our rooms were great, the location was scenic and wonderful and the food was awesome! See you next time!