The End of a Month in Greece -By Ryan Lau-

Paros is a beautiful island and every morning we went for a hike to explore. My favourite hike was along a one thousand year old Byzantine trail which had originally been paved but now only a few parts are still cobbled for most of the cobble stones have been stolen. The path lead from a port village to the capital of the island. This main town was usually hidden behind hills so that pirates would not be able to see it from the water. It was so beautiful looking back at the fields and ocean as we crested a hill.

After our morning hike I loved jumping in the pool to cool off and then coming out to read. Throughout this trip I am reading the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes which include four novels and five books of short stories (each with about 11 short stories in them), the whole book is about 3,000 pages long. I love reading my book in one of the bean bag chairs by the pool.

We arrived in Mykonos and drove twenty minutes to our hotel which is right on the water. Only a few flights of stairs away there is a private beach which only our hotel and the hotel next to us can use. Above our hotel is an old dirt road which climbs into the rolling hills to the north which is perfect for hiking.

At a beach less than a five minute walk away form our hotel, I found multiple schools of fish as we swam around a rocky point to a little sandy alcove. I love seeing animals roaming around, wild like the fish. I enjoyed seeing all the animals in Greece and I loved all of the islands that we visited and I am sad that we can not visit more.

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