Goodbye Greece, It Was Awesome.

Ferries in Greece can be, for lack of a better word, hectic. We put our luggage on a platform on the back of the boat and then were hustled up to our seats. It was a fast turn around, but effective and we never lost our luggage. Once we disembarked in Paros, we rented a car (barely big enough to fit us with all our bags) and headed to our hotel. The place where we were staying was beautiful, with a large pool, and the most comfy sun beds I had ever seen. Our days mainly consisted of relaxing at the pool, and magnificent hikes to picturesque views atop large hills. From the tops of said hills, we could see all the neighbouring cities around us, and the bright whitewashed houses stood out against the brown, and green of the surrounding countryside.

We went on a particularly special hike. We started in a small city far off the beaten path, and walked along a trail, with 4 foot tall fences on both sides, and crudely placed paving stones marking the way. This trail was once a bustling main road in ancient times, wagons and donkeys going to the capital of the island, from the biggest fishing village of Paros. The stones were well worn, and where they had been pulled up, the ground was trampled flat and smooth, as tourists still hike the trail frequently today. Perhaps the most unique part of the trail was the fencing on both sides, as it was made completely out of marble. I am not talking small stones, I am describing countertop sized slabs,  far to big to be lifted by one man, used as humble fencing stones and paving stones. This is a clear sign of the abundance of marble on this island.

Our next and last stop in Greece was Mykonos. Besides Athens, this was perhaps our most touristic stop in Greece, and it showed in the amounts of litter that accumulated in the main town at the port. Our hotel on a remote part of the island, while humble, boasted amazing views as it sat on the top of a small cliff, towering over the waves of the Mediterranean. There is a beach, just a few flights of stairs down from the pool, and while it is not soft sand, the pebbles are all shades from deep reds to greens that reflect the cooler of the sea itself. There are a few trails quite close to the hotel, and these lead to magnificent vantage points to view the stunning sights below.

This is the end of our tour of Greece, our travels will continue to other places, but I am sad to have to say goodbye to Greece. We have had many delicious meals, been treated with fantastic views, and had a relaxing, exciting, wonderful time in this country.

1 thought on “Goodbye Greece, It Was Awesome.

  1. Thank you, Brandon for another wonderfully descriptive report.
    Enjoy the next part of this summer adventure. Love you lots. xoxooxox

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