Naxos, a Wonderful Greek Paradise!

Next port of call: Naxos. We have been to this island before, and we loved it so much we had to come back. As our longest stop, we got a small villa which features a private pool with stunning views as the main attraction. It is here where we spent the majority of the first few days.

Once we were finally able to pull ourselves away from the poolside, we discovered a unique way to enjoy the beach, in hammocks! The taverna just opposite the beach put out 10-15 hammocks in sets of two with umbrellas, in addition to a few rows of regular loungers. I love the hammocks, the only downside being the amount of sand that ends up in the hammock by way of your feet. They are very soft and comfy, and I enjoyed reading in them, it was a very unique experience. The beach itself was situated in line with the ferry lanes, causing large waves to crash to shore in short bursts every 20 minutes or so. I thoroughly enjoyed playing in these large waves, and at the end of the day, I had perfected the art of getting into the water as fast as possible since the waves never lasted very long!

We did more then just relax however, and hiked up a small hill to where, in ancient days, marble was mined. It was then cut out into the approximate shape before being transported to the more artistic metropolises in Europe to be crafted into fine statues. These were often built for people of significant wealth or stature.

The crude rock statues that remain are here because a leg broke, or there was an accident while transporting. It is amazing to see the sheer size of this carving, with no power tools or any heavy machinery used. The stone masons who worked here carried the statues out by hand, before it was placed in a cart for transport to the port.

I personally loved Naxos, for the stunning sunset views, as well as the great beaches. With this as our rest stop, we will soon be going on to the island of Paros as this adventure continues!


2 thoughts on “Naxos, a Wonderful Greek Paradise!

  1. So nice to hear about your adventures Brandon! I loved the pix and those of Ryan as well. It all sounds so lovely. You know how much I would have loved that pool! I can see how it would be hard to drag oneself away! Looks beautiful and so inviting. Have lots more fun as the adventure continues! Love you!

  2. Hi Brandon!

    Great to read of your adventures again, I look forward to the reports. You are all having such an amazing time.
    Enjoy your next stop.
    Love you lots. xoxoxoxo

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