There Is A First Time For Everything! – By Ryan Lau –

In Folegandros we disembarked from the fast ferry and walked across the small port town to our hotel.  Folegandros is a beautiful island with crystal clear waters. The port city was much smaller than I expected, taking only ten minutes to walk from one side to the other and had only a bus stop, a harbour and a cafe with a cluster of hotels scattered around the bay.

We took the bus to the medieval main town of Chora where we found a delicious restaurant in a beautiful square with shade provided by trees. The city’s streets are narrow and hardly wide enough for a car to pass through, snaking around buildings creating squares and changing abruptly from cobbles to gravel and dirt. On one of these many winding streets we rented a car and drove to a tiny beach that hd many caves and shallow inlets heated by the blazing sun.

On our last full day in Folegandros we took a boat to Katergo beach which was said to be the best beach on the island by two of the locals we talked to. It is only accessible by boat or by hiking forty minutes in. The beach was definitely the most beautiful with the clearest water I have ever seen. When I was swimming out to a large rock about 100m from shore with Brandon, I got stung by a jelly fish, happily the stings healed within a few hours. I got stung 13 times on my arm, hand and ankle when I was almost at the rock.

On our last night we drove to Chora and I ate goat for the first time. It tasted a little like beef but it was very tender and juicy. I got a delicious espresso freddo (coffee with milk and ice) while waiting for our fast ferry bound for Naxos!

2 thoughts on “There Is A First Time For Everything! – By Ryan Lau –

  1. Wonderful post Ryan! I heard that jellyfish stings are VERY painful! How did you swim back with 13 stings? You are a brave boy! I am so glad you are having such an amazing trip! Love and hugs, Grandma

  2. What wonderful descriptive words, Ryan. I so enjoyed your post and seeing the photos. I am so sorry you were stung many times but hope you recovered quickly. Looking forward to your next report. Love you! xoxoxooxox

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