Folegandros – The Island of Crystal Clear Waters

The first ferry of our trip headed to the island of Folegandros from Milos. This island is home to the clearest, most beautiful water I have ever seen. From the dock we could see all the way to the bottom of the inlet with ease, and spotted brightly coloured fish swimming all around. We rented a car from the main city and drove to a very remote beach. Therefore it was no surprise that the beach was empty when we arrived. The water was crystal clear, with tiny caves and small coves all around the rocky shore.

The next day, we took a small ferry boat to a different beach, only accessible by a 40 minute hike or by this ferry. From the first minute, this beach was very spectacular. There were large rocks dotting the shore, carved away by years of waves. The water itself was deep, you just had to swim 10 feet from shore for the depth to reach perhaps 40 feet! While deep, you could see all the way to the bottom, and observe fish darting in-between the large rocks.

Folegandros is also home to an ancient Venetian village. Situated high up on a cliff, the narrow streets and efficiently spaced buildings resemble Venice, especially with the turquoise coloured river stones that pave the roads. The views from the main square of the village are amazing, looking down hundreds of feet to the waves and shore, or looking up at the sunset, going down over the horizon.

I have enjoyed Folegandros, as it is our only new Greek island we are visiting on our trip. The people are friendly and helpful, and we managed to find a fantastic restaurant. The views and water are amazing, the best on the trip so far, and swimming on the last beach was an awe-inspiring experience.

2 thoughts on “Folegandros – The Island of Crystal Clear Waters

  1. Brandon I thoroughly enjoyed this blog! It was so well-written, informative and interesting. That yogurt parfait looks amazing! And the crystal waters makes me want to go swimming! Sending much love! Grandma

  2. It is exciting to read your blog, I can almost see those caves and the beautiful clear water because you describe it all so well. Looking forward to your next report and photos. Love you!

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