Ryan Lau: Beaches and Seas

(Here is Ryan’s blog post of the week. I hope you enjoy it! – Brandon)

It all started in the beautiful city of Athens which, sadly, I couldn’t go out to see because I had caught a cold on the twenty hours of travel. That however did not stop me from eating three gyros before heading to the airport. It felt like our vacation had really begun when we stepped off the small nine row propeller plane onto the Greek island of Milos.

The beautiful Golden Beach (that is its real name) is our favourite on Milos because there are hardly any rocks in or around the golden sand. I was surprised by how few beaches are organized (a beach with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent), there are only three organized beaches on the whole island!

After staying three nights in Adamas, the main town, we drove to the northeast side of the island to our stop on the waterfront in Pollonia. The beach beside our hotel has many rock formations that are fun to explore. I always look for fish when I am swimming and I found a little school of beautiful yellow two inch fish that blend in surprisingly well to the golden sand.

I am writing this while hearing the waves lap the shore, one of the many stray cats comes up and begs for food, and I feel the warm breeze as it gets blown around looking for a place to call home.

3 thoughts on “Ryan Lau: Beaches and Seas

  1. Hi sweet Ryan. Too bad you forgot to put your name on the top, but I know it is you! I especially like the breeze looking for a place to call home! Sending hugs and kisses. Grandma

  2. Ahhh Ryan, the poet in your heart speaks to me..I can just hear the lapping waves and the breeze looking for a home!

  3. I too can hear the lapping waves and breeze looking for a place to call home. I like the photo of you sitting at the laptop. I love and miss you but I’m so happy you are there enjoying such beautiful surroundings. I hope all that blue and white reminds you of my guest bedroom!
    Love you lots my lamb.

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