Ryan Lau: The Preparation

(The first “Guest” blog post by my brother Ryan. We hope to have him write weekly and I will post his articles here on my blog. – Brandon Lau)

This is our third summer trip to Europe and it includes some of our favourite stops from past trips as well as some new exciting stops. We are traveling to five Greek islands. Then we are flying to Oxford where we are meeting with some family for a few nights. Our last part of our trip is a cruise around the Baltic Sea from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg stopping at ports in Germany, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway before heading back. I am most excited for the islands with their  golden sand beaches and beautiful water.

The cruise is 11 nights on the Eurodam which is one of the newest ships added to the Holland America line with an additional top deck/viewing space. The stop I am most looking forward to on the cruise is St. Petersburg in Russia because I am curious what the drastic change between the rich and poor will look like in the city.

I am packing in the perfect-sized, silver Heys clam-shell carry-on suitcase which I have packed in the last two trips. For me the plane ride is the most exciting for it marks the start of our trip when we do not have anything left to do. I can not wait to embark upon this exciting new adventure.
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2 thoughts on “Ryan Lau: The Preparation

  1. Lovely introduction to your adventure, Ryan. I see Bunny is ready in his special travel bag, he looks excited too! Looking forward to the next update. Love you lots. Have a wonderful trip. xoxoxoxo

  2. Hey Ryan;
    Love to see how light you travel. Six weeks all in a clam shell.. a seasoned traveler indeed. Cool bag too..
    Grandpa George

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