Heading off on Our Adventure!

I love traveling, seeing new sights, and experiencing cultures different from our own. As I write, we are preparing to embark on a six week trip to Greece, England, and a Nordic cruise. We will start our trip in Greece, island hopping to see Milos, Folegandros, Naxos, Paros, and Mykonos. The island I am anticipating the most is Mykonos, mostly for the wonderful beaches and infinity swimming pool. I am also excited for Athens, where we will go for the best gyros in town! After Greece, we will fly to London, England to stay with friends at Oxford University. It will be very interesting to see one of the oldest universities in England, where the first classes were supposedly taught in 1036, almost 1000 years ago!

Our next stop is Copenhagen, Denmark, the starting point of a 11 day cruise of Northern Europe. On the cruise, we will visit Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Russia, and Estonia. The stop I am most looking forward to is Stockholm, Sweden, the stop that I have planned. There we will visit a museum, focused around 17th century Scandinavian Shipping, it even has the reconstructed remains of a real ship from that place and era.

I am looking forward to this trip very much, and hope to be able to document it all for your enjoyment. Ryan will also be writing weekly along with me! Come back every week for new blogs about our latest adventures!

My bag is mostly packed!
My bag is mostly packed!

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7 thoughts on “Heading off on Our Adventure!

  1. Have a wonderful time! I am so looking forward to the blog from both you and Ryan. Love you lots. xoxoxoxo

  2. Hey Brandon
    Have another fantastic trip.. I look forward to reading your reports. Beth has just booked a Nordic cruise for next year on Norwegian .. Which cruise line are you on?
    Have fun guys!

  3. Hi Brandon;
    What a great trip plan! Did you notice in the ship museum if the major hull bolts were made of Iron or Copper? Did they use much in the way of screws and nails, or mostly wooden pegs to hold things together?

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