The Island of Paros

Naoussa, the second largest town on Paros, is what you would think a Greek island town should look like. The port filled with fishing boats, a maze of little shops, and no respect for parking laws, it is the most ideal little Greek island. Both of the days we were there we explored the maze of small streets full of shops and boutique stores. The place where we were staying had a beautiful beach with lots of pretty fish swimming around large rocks not far out into the sea. We also found  a harbour full of little fishing boats, and with the ruins of a watch tower that would have guarded the bay at one time. We also found a small cafe where we had delicious Freddi’s which are essentially mocha Frappuccinos.

On Paros, we purchased a snorkel set so that we could see all the fish that swam between the large rocks. I saw many different kinds of fish, the most unique one was purple, yellow, and white, with blue and green spots. I did not have a waterproof camera with me so I could not take any photos of the fish. Another place we saw was Golden Beach, where the sand is very soft and a vibrant yellow colour. In all, Paros is the most authentic Greek island I have ever experienced, and I loved it!

2 thoughts on “The Island of Paros

  1. Lovely photos! I loved the description of the colourful fish, laughed at the “no respect for parking laws” comment so all
    in all this is a great start to my Monday morning and the week ahead……I feel like I’m on a Greek Island. Love to you all. I look forward to the next update. xoxooxoxox

  2. Lovely blog Brandon! You all look great! By the way, the scenery isn’t half bad either! Sending lots of love!

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