Picture Perfect Santorini

Santorini is one of the most picturesque islands in Greece, so Daddy surprised us with a convertible car so that we wouldn’t miss any of the views. One of the places of interest we were able to drive to was a volcanic rock beach where the sand is a black colour. Little walkways have to be put in so you don’t burn your feet on the black sand (black sand retains more heat from the sun than cream or white coloured sand). Another point of interest was an ancient city, perfectly preserved under a few feet of volcanic ash, (almost like Pompei). The civilization of Santorini was very advanced for its day, discoveries have shown that there was an aquaduct system and sewer system that was connected to each house! We then went back and relaxed by the pool in the afternoon before heading out in the evening to see the sunset and go to dinner. The view from the restaurant made it clear why Santorini is the most photographed Greek island.

2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Santorini

  1. Wonderful report Brandon. I loved the one about Naxos as well. Looks like Legoman is having just as much fun as you are! 🙂 Loved that you were able to have a convertible. That would have been a blast! Sending much love!

  2. Such an interesting report again Brandon, thank you! I really enjoy seeing the photos too. Love you lots.

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