Marble Mining in Naxos

Our hotel in Naxos is very close to the water so after we had settled into our latest stop, we went for a walk along the coast. We found a gem of a taverna where we were able to have lunch on a deck that was hanging overtop of the sea, it was a very beautiful scene.

Naxos is a big island so when we happened by a car rental place, we went in to rent a car to be able to see all the sights of the island. Outside, Ryan and I saw a very cute Fiat 500 cabriolet (also known as a convertible). Mommy negotiated with them so well that we were able to get it for a lower price than a regular car!

Over the next few days, we saw some very historical places and artifacts. One was an ancient quarry where people mined marble to make all kinds of architecture and statue carving. They would carve out the vague outline of what the final product would look like before dragging it to its final destination. However, if they found any blemishes in the marble, or damaged the piece en route, it would be abandoned in the quarry or at the side of the road, so we saw a few statues with broken legs or feet, just lying on the ground, abandoned by the artist and the miners.

Another historical site we saw was the Naxos gate, this gate stands 20 feet tall, and was the front of what was an ancient Greek temple. The main body of the temple was taken by the Venetians to build themselves a palace. My favourite item was an old style olive press for extracting the oil out of the pits of olives. It is very much like a grape press for wine except that the olives were pressed in goat hair bags because goats’ hair does not absorb the oil. The island is large, so it was really good to have a car to be able to get around! Naxos is also very green, lush, and full of large fruit and olive trees. Naxos is one of the largest Greek islands and there are many sights to see and hikes to do. It is my very favourite of the Greek islands.

2 thoughts on “Marble Mining in Naxos

  1. I just read your whole blog tonight! Excellent job Brandon, keep up the good work.
    Hugs to you and the whole family. See you in Venice:)

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