Island Hopping in Greece!

On Thursday, the 5th of June, our Greek island adventure was about to begin. We started our final day in Athens by packing up from our hotel, where we were picked up by George’s Taxi. He took us to some interesting destinations off the beaten trail, one of which was a full size model of a Athenian warship, while another was a medieval monastery that supported itself by harvesting local honey! After we finished sight seeing, George’s Taxi took us to a delicious and very local taverna to have lunch (yummy zucchini pie), and then to the airport. There, we (and 39 other passengers) were transported to a very small, plane with only 44 seats in total! After we took off, it was less than 30 minutes until we landed in Milos. As soon as we got to our hotel, we went for a walk along the coastline. It was very beautiful and the water was crystal clear, with the sun setting, it was a marvellous and very picturesque sight.

We started our first morning in Milos by waking up to a gorgeous, sunny, and warm day. We woke, packed a backpack, and headed to one of over 70 different beaches on the island. The beach was very unique in the fact that it was less than 4 feet deep for about 300 metres out to sea! The sand was very soft and the water was warm and clear but still refreshing. The next day, we started by exploring some other beaches (one looked like a deserted beach on Mars, while the other had water that was very deep and clear so that you could see to the bottom!). In the end we decided that the beach that we had gone to the day before was the best, so we went back there to relax and swim.

The next morning we caught a ferry to our next island, Santorini. After we had settled into our beautiful room, we went for a walk around the tightly packed, small, hilltop village built by the Venetians. We were going to look for a restaurant the concierge had recommended, but we could only find multiple entrances to Frank’s Cafe. It seemed to us that the cafe was built under the village, because we saw multiple entrances on at least 4 different levels of the village. In the end we did find the small restaurant, but decided that ordering room service would be the best choice. That is how a 10 minute walk to lunch turned into an hour walk around the entire village! Once we had gotten back to our hotel, we went straight into our private plunge pool, which was about 10 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 6 feet deep, so it was just enough room for Ryan and I to play in for 3 hours! Santorini is famous for its sunsets, the volcanic gasses that the island emits turn the last light of the day into all kinds of unique and vibrant colours. So far I am loving Greece, its comfortable temperature, its great food, and beautiful views all make it my favourite vacationing destination (so far)!

4 thoughts on “Island Hopping in Greece!

  1. Thank you Brandon for the wonderfully descriptive report. The Greek Islands sound fabulous. Thank you also for the amazing photos. Love to you all. xoxooxo

  2. All the beautiful & fun things you are seeing & doing in Greece makes me want to be there – NOW! Enjoy 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing such wonderful experiences, Brandon, look forward to hearing more.
    Love to you all xoxooxxo

  4. Here I am back from Alaska and the first thing I want to see is Brandon’s blog!! It was worth the wait. Sounds like a fabulous time! Hugs to all.

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