Follow Our Adventure!

As my family and I travel through Europe this summer, I want to invite you to join us on our great adventure! I want to do the blog so that I can document all the unique and special things we are going to do on our trip, and so that I can share these experiences with you! I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures, and being engulfed by the spirit of traveling. I will be writing about 2 posts per week, and all of them will include photos at the bottom, so don’t forget to check those out!

Our stops are going to include England, Greece, Italy, Croatia, and France. We will be spending a lot time in Italy, where we are going to tour around the central part of the country by car. Another main part of the trip will be on the Greek islands where we will tour about 5 different islands by ferry. Joining us on our adventure through Europe will be Mr. Lego Man, you may see him in a few of the photos, and you can look out for different outfits and accessories he will be holding in some of the pictures.

The stops I am organizing the activities for are Dubrovnik, Croatia, and one day in Venice, Italy. Dubrovnik is known for its beautiful views of the water and the large walls that surround the old part of the city. For Venice, we will be taking a boat tour of some of the islands around Venice. The two stops we will be seeing will be Burano (famous for its lace making), and Murano (famous for its glass blowing), both should be very picturesque. I am very excited for the start of our trip and our adventures in the first stop, London England!

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