Ucluelet and Qualicum

We woke up in Ucluelet and started on The Wild Pacific Trail through the forest. It skirts the coast of Vancouver Island where the lush rain forests meet the wild Pacific Ocean. In the forest we found interesting things like a entire upturned tree and a whole floating dock that had been smashed to bits on the rocks.

The weirdest thing I saw on the walk was a large branch that, when younger had been tied in a knot by another hiker. As it matured, the branch grew in size until it is what it is today: a large branch impossibly tied in a knot; it was very unique. The most amazing thing we saw by far was a grove of large and very old cedar trees. They must have been at least 12 feet in diameter and 70 feet high and 100’s of years old!

At the end of the hike we saw an amazing view of the rocks, stretching out before us. It was very impressive to see how many of the rocks got swallowed up by the waves as they came crashing down on the rocks with a truly frightening power.

In the morning we went on a walk in the opposite direction before we left. We soon found a totally different landscape, it was less rugged with more grass and greenery. It had been getting greyer and rainier but still no storm, and sadly it was time to go.

Our next stop was Qualicum. When we arrived we went straight to the beach where we went for a nice walk. Tea-Cozy Bed and Breakfast is a good name because it was certainly very cozy and the tea is good too. The owner is from Switzerland and he makes miniature houses with lights built in and cute fences around each of the 10 separate, unique houses. In the middle of the setup is a small pond and a miniature beach similar to Qualicum beach. It is a short stop in Qualicum (we will leave in the morning) and I am looking forward to the adventures we will have in Victoria.

2 thoughts on “Ucluelet and Qualicum

  1. I am really impressed by the quality of Brandon’s writing. You simply don’t see that in public school students of his age. He’s not only very smart, but he’s been very well home-schooled by a very smart lady, too! Kudos to Vanessa!

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