The beach in Tofino

For our first few days in Tofino, we hung out at the beach house with Sydney, Ethan, Olivia, Uncle David and Aunty Lisa. We went for lots of walks along the beach. The beach itself is amazing. As we walked we saw decent sized waves ranging from 5-9 feet. A new wave would crash down onto the shore every 20 seconds.

The beach has a very gradual incline, so the tide fluctuates a lot during the high or low tides. The rocks are impressive too, they are very jagged and you can see that the waves have bashed away at the rocks like a jackhammer all day long. The sun looks gorgeous as it shines through the mist and reflects off the turbulent water.

In the evenings, we played board games and watched movies. In the mornings we would start it all over again. The houses themselves are great, with fantastic views of the water and easy access to the beach all the time. On the trip I brought my RC car to drive around on the beach, which was a lot of fun. My favourite activity that we have done so far would have to be when we went out late at night and walked along the beach with flashlights.

I have really been enjoying my time so far and I will keep everyone posted with more blogs to come.

3 thoughts on “The beach in Tofino

  1. Looks like another amazing experience, Brandon, love your blogs, thank you for sharing, Love Auntie Pauline,

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