A Taste of the Future

I am very exited to announce that I am going to be writing blog posts again for the next few weeks. This is to document my family’s travels on Vancouver Island and for your own reading pleasure. We will be travelling to Tofino, Ucluelet and Victoria on a storm watching trip. We expect to see waves up to 10 meters high and there could be wind warnings of up to 80 km/h!  My whole family is very excited as we all plan for this exciting new experience. Our travels will begin on November 22, and finish on December 4.  On our trip we will be taking measurements of the weather, including rainfall, wind speed, wind direction and cloud formation. I am very interested to see what our research shows. We will also be going to museums, participating in walking tours and more. I am very much looking forward to more blog posts in the near future as we travel to our first point of interest, Tofino.

Making the weather analyzing gear.


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