Le Tour de France

We went to see the Tour de France. The stage we saw was amazing from start to finish. The most surprising part was the parade beforehand.

The parade was crazy, there were many very creative floats with more than banners and stickers. These were fully customized trucks and vans, so much so that you could not see the vehicles underneath!

It was surprising how much candy they threw to the crowds, we ended up with A LOT of stuff. We got pouches of candy, bags of chips, cookies, key chains, hats and little inflatable pillows! Way more than any Canadian parade I’ve ever attended.

The highlight had to be the few seconds before the riders went by that were completely silent followed by the roar of the crowd in the distance and then the riders all zooming by. Within 5 minutes everyone had left – it was quite a funny sight. It was the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France so it was extra extravagant.

We are going to see another leg of the Tour de France in a few weeks but until then, see you in my next post!

1 thought on “Le Tour de France

  1. Granddad Vic might fly out to join you……..he loves watching LeTour De France!! Loved seeing the photos and reading about all the fun, keep up the good work Brandon.

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