Biking in Saint Remy

My family and I have had a fantastic time in Alet-Les-Bains, a small and picturesque town. Our next stop is Saint Remy de Provence and on the way we stopped by some Roman ruins in Arles. The shame is that the townspeople took apart a lot of the Roman buildings so that they could use the stones to build their own houses! Luckily there are a few buildings remaining that were not torn down. One of which was a colosseum and another was an amphitheatre!

When we got to our house in Saint Remy, the caretaker was there and he gave us a dinner of lasagna and a special cake – like angel food cake, two layers with thick whip cream and crystalized sugar on top.

The caretaker then came and we drove with him to some Roman aqueducts! It was amazing because there is so much history connected with the aqueducts. A fact that interested me was that the aqueducts carry two water channels, one to the city and a second flowed into a massive lake that turned multiple water wheels that ground flour!

Every Wednesday there is a market in the village so we took a trolly (I pulled it) and we walked through it. We bought many things like: a table cloth, placemats and Mommy bought some clothes. I also bought a watch, it is black and silver and it was only 5€! It was a lot of fun to pull the trolley through the market and it carried quite a bit of stuff.

On Thursday we went to another market in a small city close by but it was not as big or diverse. On Friday morning we rented bikes and biked all around the nearby cities and countryside. It was beautiful and now that Ryan and Daddy have the right medication, allergies did not get in the way!

On our bike ride we got really hot so we stopped by an ice cream place that was recommended and it was delicious! There were actual bits of mint leaf in the ice cream to give you an idea of how good it was! We are having fun in Saint Remy, it is quite a bit warmer here so we can do more outside activities! See you in my next blog!

4 thoughts on “Biking in Saint Remy

  1. Loved reading what you’re up to.

    I remember learning about Roman Aqueducts in school, so interesting.

    It is lovely to see photos of you all as well as the sights. What an experience you are having.

    Love the new watch, a great bargain! I really look forward to your blog, so thank you.

    BIG HUGS to you all!

  2. Hi Brandon!

    So I finally figured out how to read the comments and write one. So simple, but I never really looked! So glad I have such a gifted grandson who could help me out of my techno-difficulties!

    I miss you guys so much so it is a real blessing to follow you on your travels by reading your great blog. Your writing is getting better and better! Your creative writing teacher is proud! (and so is Grandma!).

    I love your watch! Tres cool! Give a squeeze to Ryan for me. Sending love to you all,


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