Sarlat’s Caves and Market with Grandma

We went to some VERY special caves called the Lascaux caves. They have cave paintings dating from the prehistoric era. What was very interesting is the amount of artistic detail that was put into the paintings. They were mostly of bulls and deer and were all in shades of red, yellow and black. The paintings also had a little depth to them, which was really impressive. Unfortunately we were not able to see the real caves which were closed down about 40 years ago due to excessive deterioration of the caves.

What we were able to see was a perfect replica of the caves in full scale which are within 5mm of the real cave’s dimensions!

The next day we went to the big weekly market in Sarlat – it has hundreds of stalls with each one trying to sell you meat, bread, fruit or cheese! It was really crowded too so it is obviously quite popular. After the market Mom and Grandma went shopping in the town while Daddy, Ryan and I stayed at home to work or write our journals and blogs. Then for dinner we made a potato cake that we found at the super market, it was very tasty!

We went into town to attend a walking tour of Sarlat the following morning. On the walking tour I learned numerous interesting facts, one of which was that the combined weight of the doors on the church (picture below) was 14 tons! Another interesting fact is that Sarlat’s bedrock is made completely out of limestone which is why there are lots of caves and underground rivers in the region.

We went to a great restaurant for our last dinner – the food and location were fantastic. It was right beside a cathedral where local monks used to live. It just so happened that evening was the national music festival. When the festival is on people all over France gather in the streets of all the cities and towns to listen to local music artists play. There were lots of stages in the streets of Sarlat and we walked by many of them! It was also the summer solstice which means it was light out later than usual. Because of that, we stayed up late walking around listening to the great variety of music. The fact I found amazing is that the festival is on that specific day every year all over France!

We really enjoyed our time in Sarlat and its little shops and cafés. See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Sarlat’s Caves and Market with Grandma

  1. I so enjoyed your latest news. The festival sounded great and of course I’d love the market! Thanks for the pictures too. You pack a good amount of information into your blog……..looking forward to the next one.
    Love you all lots.

  2. Tonight I caught up on your whole trip. What a fantastic time you’re having! Those 14 ton doors are pretty impressive. I wonder if the monks used to open them for the ladies that attended mass. If so, they’d be Supermanks 🙂

    The food sounds great…I *love* food…especially if it’s good! Fresh bread, cheese, olives, sausage — all stuff I used to snack on too, when I was growing up. That’s it, I’m booking my ticket, I’ll meet you guys at the end of the week.

    Looking forward to more of your blog, Brandon. BTW, do you know that blog comes from ‘web log’? They dropped the ‘we’, but I think ‘WE’ should be THERE. Just kidding about the ticket, I’ll be there tomorrow.

    Chrissie Cole

  3. Wow! Sounds like an amazing time and I have always wanted to go to the caves at Lascaux!! That’s so interesting that you had to go into replica ones rather than the real ones. What a fantastic opportunity you are having with your family. Thanks for the blogging updates. I really enjoyed reading them 🙂

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