Canoeing and Mowing the lawn

On Friday, as we drove through Vichy, we dropped the house of my Dad’s extremely generous friend, Chris, to stay the night with his family. For dinner, Chris’ cousin made a awesome traditional French dinner with salmon and egg baked in a cream sauce, and veal, also in a cream sauce. Then after dinner we went outside and made a huge, massive, colossal bonfire and we sat around it eating cheese, bread and chocolate cake! It was a very French thing to do.

The next morning we walked down to the bakery to buy some bread and chocolate croissants to have with breakfast. They have a massive puppy the size of a baby bear and every time we came to a wheat field he would go bounding through it so that nothing but his ears were showing, it was really funny! After breakfast I used Chris’ lawn mower to mow the lawn; his lawn mower is a ride on tractor so it was not much work but it was really fun! Then after we had eaten sandwiches for lunch we headed to Sarlat.

Sarlat is a small town and the roads are similar to Sancerre (because they are really tiny). Sancerre is different from Sarlat because there are way more stores and shops and the town in general is bigger. Right after we arrived, Grandma arrived on the train from London via Paris! We bought some groceries and then went out for dinner at a pizzeria. It was good, I got one with onions and potatoes, it was unique and very tasty!

The next day we went to the covered market that is held in Sarlat everyday inside a tall, old, converted church. There are about a dozen stalls and there was also no shortage of fois gras! It was a really hot day so we came home and jumped in the pool! The pool is not heated so it was really cool and it was refreshing on such a hot day!

The house we are staying in here in Sarlat is great – it is really nice and spacious with lots of light. It also has a washing machine so we were able to wash our clothes. There is a total of 3 bedrooms in the house so it is perfect!

The next day we went canoeing for 3 hours along a wide open river. The current was pretty fast so we drifted most of the 16 km distance, but at certain parts it was a little difficult because the current was a little too fast! It was very scenic and fun for the most part and no one got wet and there were NO injuries!

I have been a little late with the blogs but I assure you that I will be getting onto a schedule now that I don’t have any more school. As I write this, Mommy and Ryan are picking red currants to make red current jam! I can not wait to have some with yummy bread!

See you in our next adventure, au revoir!

6 thoughts on “Canoeing and Mowing the lawn

  1. I’m really enjoying all the excursions, Brandon. Your writing style makes me feel like I’m right there with you – thanks! Love to your bro and mom & dad and grandma

  2. This is great, Brandon! You’re turning into quite the writer! Keep it up—love hearing about your trip!

    ~ Uncle Aris

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