Coeur De France

Last week we arrived in Sancerre, a rustic and old hilltop village with cobble stone roads and old buildings. Its roads are so tiny that it is hard to drive through them without scraping the car but we made it through without incident! In this tiny village we attended a school that was called Coeur De France. We studied French for 4 hours each morning. We did things like learn verbs, vocabulary, grammar and then we would have tests on them. We also did some fantastic French review of passe composé (past tense) that was very helpful! During this time our teacher was able to use the French we already knew to explain more difficult words still without speaking a WORD of English, it was very impressive!

We went on a field trip or did an activity (in French) around Sancerre every afternoon. For example, one day Ryan and I did a treasure hunt while Mom and Dad went on a wine tasting tour. Another time we all went to a goat farm that made cheese that was creamy and fresh. There were lots of goats including a baby one, it was so cute!

The days are long (starting at 8:30 and ending at 6:00) but it is really fun! It is quite the experience and every day we would go on “missions” where we had to speak only French to the venders and salesmen. We went to places like the boulongerie, the post office, and the patisserie. A patisserie is a special bakery that specializes in dessert items while the boulongerie (bakery) is a shop that sells bread of all kinds but thats all it sells!

A high light would have to be that we made a massive dinner all in French with a few other families and a teacher to help us. We made a traditional quiche loraine, lots of crepes and chocolate mousse! We also made a lemon cake but we were all to full to eat it! All the dishes were good but the quiche was by far the best one I have ever had!

I learned a lot of new French words and reviewed some old ones, and overall it was really informative! Au revoir jusqu’au prochaine fois mon amis!

3 thoughts on “Coeur De France

  1. Just wonderful to hear more about your trip. I hope you have the recipe for the quiche!

    I’ve saved the family photo as the background on my desk top, it will be a nice surprise for Grandad Vic when he comes to the computer in the morning!

    Looking forward to your next blog already!! Love to you all.

  2. This Blog is awesome! I love all the photos! Alexis and I are so happy to be able to follow your exciting journey! J’ai besoin de practiquer ma francais!

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