Welcome To My First Blog Post!!!

My name is Brandon Lau, I am 13 years old and this is my blog for in France.

This is the guide book we are using to plan our trip.
This is the guide book we are using to plan our trip.

Come with me as I take you to France with my family and I. The duration of the trip is 2 and a half months and we will be going to Switzerland, Italy, Belgium as well as France.

We are going to be staying in quaint, old, traditional bed and breakfasts that dot the countryside. We will travel by car for the majority of the time we are there. For the first week we are staying in a little town that has a school where we will do French immersion classes that my family will attend. There are only 2 weeks left until we leave and I am very excited!

Check back every few days for an updated post with pictures and videos!

Here is the link to the French immersion school: french immersion school

9 thoughts on “Welcome To My First Blog Post!!!

  1. Hey, you didn’t mention Switzerland, Italy & Belgium! Can’t wait to see your pictures!
    – the Coles

  2. Bon voyage, chers amis – et bonne chance! May you master “la belle langue”! Just watch out for all the expressions that are different in France and Quebec… eg, I just found this out…. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/
    In France, bon courage (“good courage”) is preferred to express encouragement, while in Canada, bonne chance is more commonly used for “good luck”.

  3. Looking forward to being part of your trip, Brandon, lots of love to you all!
    Love Pauline & Ken xxx

  4. Bon voyage tout le monde et bienvenue en France!
    Many happy adventures to the Lau family – we are excited to be following your journey!

    The Richerts

  5. Wow! I wonder what kind of neat instruments one can purchase at the market! 🙂
    We’re so glad to know that you are having a fabulous time – one question, though – where did Grandma go by train?

    Ok, keep up the writing – having fun following you around.

    We’ll be getting sunny weather for the next week (supposedly) which will hit the 30’s….

    huge hugs and miss you guys,
    The Richerts (T)

  6. HI Brandon and family,

    FYI got a black edition Go pro hero 3

    what kind is yours? not to compare or anything 🙂

    hope your having a good trip ::)

    Sloan and family

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